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internet break.

I’m taking a break from the internet. I had planned on doing it as a little experiment with myself. From June 1st to September 1st. To see how productive I could be with all my newly earned time. Over the summer I planned on doing things I’ve always wanted to do. Learn the piano. Finish writing my first feature film (and possibly make it). Read more books. Watch great films I’ve never seen. Make friends, make art, explore life for myself and not for other people to see and validate.

But it’s even more selfish than that. I think I am actually doing it because the internet is driving me crazy. All I’ve ever wanted was to connect with other people, but in a weird twist I think the Internet has made me feel more alienated from people than ever. 

So yes, I’m one of those people “taking a break” from the internet and announcing it to the very thing I’m running away from. I get the irony. And don’t worry, I’m not fooling myself. I’ll be back.